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Thursday, 27 December 2012

Only Boring People Get Bored

Now, I don't know about you,  but I have zero sympathy for people claiming to suffer from boredom. There is just so much to do and get done and experience in this world that boredom is simply a choice.

That's not to say I'm unfeeling and hard hearted. I understand that there are limits of reality and finances that could prevent someone from doing exactly what they desire.  However, there do exist many options to fill your social calendar as much as you desire. And because you're reading it here you know all these options are free or very inexpensive.

There is only one simple way to achieve the level of social involvement you crave: get involved!
Get involved in your local food bank charity, blood donor clinic, PTA, library, community center or church.
This isn't just about giving back, this is about all beneficial facets of getting out there.

First, choose something you're interested in. You might not be that interested in books, so you might decide that the library isn't for you. But look twice! Most public libraries offer classes, groups or events aimed at poets or musicians as well as literacy lovers.  Taking a class or attending an event would come at a very minimal cost. Groups are almost always free, And if you decide to teach a course you might even be able to turn your interest into profit.

Classes at the community center will typically be more costly,  usually averaging $5-$7 per class. But with an option for just about any interest under the sun this will satisfy just about anyone.

Joining the PTA committee, a church or volunteering is really about meeting people. Meeting people in these ways usually means that you share some common values, and that can lay the ground work for some great friendships. Of course, meeting people through the library or community center usually ensures some similar interests and possible friendships as well.

I know not everyone wants to walk around networking on the first day of a martial arts class, but if you open yourself up to that possibility it will usually happen quite naturally.

Not only does getting involved in these ways help you fill up your social calendar for minimal cost on the days of the classes and events but soon you could find yourself attending So-and So's birthday or holiday party.

The larger network of friends and friendly acquaintances you  have the easier it can be to hold fast to your frugal lifestyle. Yup, you read that right.  A lot of people, in an effort to save money, stay in and do nothing. Of course their resolve is quickly broken! No need for that to be you.

Arrange a "baby swap" with some friends. You watch their kids one night at no cost, and they watch yours another night. Have or attend a movie night or game night. Get together for batch freezer cooking, or when in need of large ticket items hit the auctions together. Reaching out to your friends is a great way to swap Halloween costumes (for you or the kids) or share driving responsibilities so you don't have to pay for a cab.

Getting involved in your community is a wonderful way for you to give back and benefit personally.

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