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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

End of Year Teacher gift for under $6

This end of year teacher appreciation gift does not actually come at such a bizarre time as it may seem. This Friday is my son Walters last day of public school before starting a home school program with me on Monday.
When people hear that I will be home schooling and how excited I am about it many people jump to the conclusion that I am anti-teacher.  I am no such thing, gentle readers.
Walter has a wonderful teacher in his classroom right now and an Early Childhood Educator whom he (Walter) simply adores. They are both women who do their jobs for the very same reason I will be home schooling- to do our best for children.
The decision to home school came because it is an option for me, as a working from home mom, and solves a lot of concerns about things like transportation ect.

I wanted to leave the teacher and ECE with a small token of appreciation from Walter as students often do at the end of the school year.
It had to be just right. Something thoughtful but not over the top, something sweet but not expensive, something they don't get a million of, something they would actually use and something cost effective. 

So this is my solution: "Thank You for Planting the Seeds of Knowledge" gift pack.

Terra cotta planter - $1 (Dollarama)
planter base $.50 (Dollarama)
tissue paper- on hand
chalkbord paint- on hand
chalk- on hand
two garden tools- $1 each (Wal-Mart)
gardening gloves- $1 (Dollarama)
packet of seeds $1.89 (Wal-Mart)
silk flowers- on hand

Paint the planter with chalkboard paint. I do three coats, but I'm a bit over the top like that.  Chalkboard paint dries pretty quickly so this is not a huge time investment.
Before you write anything on the new chalkboard surface take a piece of chalk and rub it all over the surface, then wipe/wash off.  Without this step the first thing you write/draw will always be lightly visable on the chalkboard surface.
Stuff your planter with the goodies.
Wrap it up in a bit of cellophane and ribbon.
Attach a note or gift tag that reads "Thank you for planting the seeds of knowledge" or some other such sentiment. (Perhaps you add seeds for thyme instead of flowers and write a tag that says "Thanks for spending Thyme with me.) Volia!

Very little cost investment, very little time investment.  And a gift anyone would be pleased to receive.

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