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Monday, 8 April 2013

DIY Baby toy for $0- Soctopus

I don't mind doing laundry, gentle readers.  In fact, I get pretty tense if That Guy tries to help me out by doing a few loads for me.  I do my laundry my way and that's how I like it done.
As I sort the laundry I take all the socks and toss them into our sock basket to be paired later.  The sock basket is not laundry. It is a cruel reminder that sometimes as an adult you have to do things you really do not want to do.

So why do I find the sock basket so cruel while at the same time I have no problem doing the laundry? Because I am always left with a pile of un- matchable socks.  I know whoever wore the sock wore two. So in great likelihood two socks went into the wash. Where is the other sock??!!?? Some questions I may never have answers to, I suppose.

So when I saw this "Soctopus" toy made from a single sock a light bulb went on in my head.  I have a single sock- I have a whole basket full!

The tutorial I originally found was in German.  I tried just following along with the photos.  While the result wasn't DIY tutu dress FAILl bad, it was....less than desirable.  So here is my tutorial.

What you need:
- a single sock
- scissors (fabric scissors are ideal)
- two large hand fulls of fiberfill
- thin ribbon
- needle and thread
- craft felt
(All materials on hand.  However, if you own a magical dryer whom does not eat socks, men's socks are currently on clearance at Wal-Mart for $2/pair making this a $1 toy)

1.  Cut the toe and heel from your sock as pictured.
2. Turn the "foot" section of the sock inside out. Gather the top together and tie as tightly as possible with your thin ribbon.
tie the sock while inside out
3. Turn right side out and stuff the head with fiberfill
stuff the head with fiber fill
4. Cut the "leg" portion of the sock into eight strips leaving approx 1 1/2 inches along the top uncut.  Gently pull on each of the new eight legs to help them curl slightly.
cut into eight
5. Fold the legs accordion style and tuck them into the head.
fold the legs
6. Using your needle and thread sew up the neck opening with the edge of the legs inside.  Stitch this well.  Children will naturally pull on the legs making this the weak spot of the toy if not done well.
starting to come together
7. Cut two white and two black circles from  your craft felt.  I lack artistic ability so spectacularly that I cannot do this free hand.  I used a spool of thread for my white circles and a spare sewing machine bobbin for my black circles.
yeah, I am unable to draw a simple circle freehand

8. Stitch your black circles to the center of your white circles.
9. Stitch the eyes to the head.
he can see you!
Since this particular Socotopus is headed to Alberta, Canada (brrr!!!!) he needs a scarf.  To add this accessory I simply cut a length of craft felt with fringe in either end, then tied it around his neck.  I also considered making a tiny bow tie, but the scarf suits this guy I think.

chilly soctopus

cozy warm in his scarf soctopus

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