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Thursday, 16 May 2013

New Baby gift- $3

Friends of ours just had a baby- I think I have mentioned before how much I adore new babies. So, of course, I wanted to make him a small "Welcome to the world" gift.

I originally saw this on Pinterest. Click here for the source I adored this project, it was so whimsical and sweet, just right for a new baby's bedroom.

I did make a few changes to mine, but my total cost came in at $3 and that was for the frame (everything else was already on hand). Let me show you what I did....

You will need:
- frame (it would be great if it had four separate "windows" in it. The only ones I could find like that started at $25, so I made do just fine with a single window long frame)
-safety pins  8 large and 4 tiny (I did not have eight large safety pins in the same colour so I also used some-)
- silver spray paint
- gel super glue (make sure you use the gel. Regular super glue is too runny for this purpose)
- scrapbook paper
- Bristol board
-double sided tape
- glue stick
I also used my Cricut cutting machine because, as I have mentioned before, I lack all artistic ability.

I started by opening up my frame and removing the "art" that was originally in there. I used the discarded art as a template to cut my black Bristol board so it would fit perfectly inside the frame. *When using black Bristol board the oil in your fingers transfers to the surface and is highly visible. I used a tea towel when I was handling the black to avoid getting fingerprints on it.*

Next I went outside and spray painted my safety pins.  If you have to do this remember to open at least one safety pin, as one will be open in the finished product and you don't want a different coloured tip. This will take three coats of paint to get nice coverage. Let dry
My mismatched safety pins

Getting a silver shower
Next I cut my four squares of green scrapbook paper. Since I am a terrible cutter (you didn't think that was a thing, did you? But it must be, because I am!) I actually had to use my Cricut to cut four squares all the same size and without any wavy lines, its a sad thing gentle readers. My squares were 2 1/2 inches wide and 3 1/2 inches tall.

When my paint was dry I arranged my safety pins into my "storyboard".  First square has mommy and daddy safety pin. Second has expectant mommy (with baby safety pin head down inside mommy) and daddy safety pin. Third square has baby safety pin making an entrance into the world while daddy stands by as a source of support. The last frame is the new family lined up.

Using the gel super glue I dabbed glue on the top and bottom of the back of the safety pin and pressed the pin to the paper. Hold for a count of five. Oh, and you will get superglue on your fingers during this step. As far as I can tell there is simply no avoiding it.
Double sided tape
Next I put double sided tape on the back of each square and positioned it on the black Brostol board.
Safety pin family all glued down

Getting there...
Then I used my Cricut again to cut out the letters for a simple phrase. I used "We made a wish and you came true" but the family's surname with the date of the child's birth would be lovely too.

I glued the letters in place, popped it into the frame and - Volia!

Finished product! 

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