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Monday, 8 July 2013

Coming clean- silly things I spend money on

I believe in a frugal lifestyle.  And not just getting getting things for the lowest possible costs, but more often I advocate doing things for yourself.  I make the kids clothes, grow many of our summer time foods, collect rainwater to water plants, as well as making laundry soap and many household cleaners.  I am always on the lookout for new ideas on ways to provide for myself as well as save a few dollars along the way.

But let me be clear, my dear and gentle readers, I am not perfect. I have a few indulgences that cost money. Indulgences that may seem bizarre to some of you, given my commitment to our lifestyle.  Yet, I thought it was time to open myself up and be honest with you about some of the things I waste spend money on.

Bagged Ice
I know, right?!! Who in their right mind goes out of their way to collect free wood pallets for use when building but at the same time insists on buying pre made bags of ice when they are perfectly capable of making ice at home, for almost no cost?
Me, gentle readers. I do that.  And not sometimes - all the time. I often eat ice as a snack (seriously a glass of ice with a slice of lemon dropped in there yummm!) and I go through roughly one bag of ice a week.  Sure  That Guy might have a few pieces of ice throughout a month, but I eat at least 98% of it. Even knowing what a ridiculous waste of hard earned money this is I cannot seem to give it up.  Okay, honestly, I love it and have no desire to ever give it up.  Ever.

Diet Coke
Its bad for you, folks. Do not drink this stuff, no good will come of it. Also, I love it and I don't really know why since I cannot stand the regular non-diet version of the stuff. I have been drinking it for so long I honestly cannot remember a time when I did not drink it. That Guy used to buy me a case of 12 cans on Mondays when he bought groceries. But he was always shocked when said case was gone by Wednesday. In an effort to be slightly healthier I have switched to club soda (I love carbonation).  But given an opportunity I will happily pay $1 at the local 7-11 for a bucket sized cup of diet coke with ice.

Scrap book paper
I will only buy this when its on sale. When Micheals Craft store has paper on 4/$1 I will buy a dozen sheets at a time.  The regular price is around $1 a sheet so I always feel I am getting a steal of a deal.
Sometimes I have something specific in mind for the paper I buy (like invitations for Audrey's upcoming birthday celebration), but more often I am simply wooed by the deal, and pretty colours of the paper.
I have a sizeable stack of uncut/ still unused 12x12 scrapbook paper on my crafting table.  Yet that does not stop me from buying more when its on sale....

Colouring Books
If I am being honest with myself I think its my mom heart that says "If only the kids had something quiet and tidy to occupy themselves with, they would certainly utilize such a thing and BE quiet and tidy...."  My brain screams "They have 47 million colouring and activity books at home!! They are great, sure, but do you really need two more?!"  Two, because its not possible to buy one at a time.  My kids and my daycare have every imaginable colouring/activity book. Everything from outer space to My Little Pony, but whenever I see a colouring book for sale for $2 or less I don't even notice its in my hand until I've paid for it.

I shop for fabric like I imagine most women shop for shoes.
My blood pressure drops, the stress leaves my body, my eyes get dreamy.  I have to touch everything. And I immediately start to self justify.  "Well maybe I don't need this adorable orange polka dot fabric right now for anything....but at "Buy one meter, get two free" how can I afford NOT to buy it? Certainly someone will want pillowcases made from it...or a skirt...or a table runner...." And while everything I buy from the fabric store is on sale, or discounted with my membership card I could perhaps cut back on "un- required" spending there.  Oh, who am I kidding?  Cutting back at the fabric store is nothing short of impossible :)

So there is it. Out there for all to read.  Although I try to be frugal I totally have my guilty buying pleasures. Hope you can still stick with me, gentle readers. :)

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