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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Watermelon "cake" How-to

As promised here is a how- to on making a watermelon "cake" for your next party or event.
Because really, how else could you impress and delight 20 people for $3 in 15 minutes?

You will need:
- a watermelon
- a knife
- a piping bag
- butter cream icing or whipped cream
- sprinkles, candles or other decorating items
- cake plate

First things first, buy a watermelon.  Or, if you have much more forethought than I did, grow your own watermelon. 

Once home cut the top and bottom of the watermelon off like so. It now sits nicely on a flat surface without all that pesky rolling.
Watermelon sans rolling. 
Then cut the rind off
Lift that puppy up and put her on the cake plate. And of course by "puppy" I mean watermelon...

Using a large star tip on your piping bag, fill the  bag with buttercream icing. 
** We interrupt this blog post for a fun game I like to call "Guess how I know that!" As it turns out, once the icing is on the watermelon you cannot smooth it out. It just slides right off.  ..... Guess how I know that....** SO!  Do not do as this photo demonstrates. Instead you will want to take a more "artistic" approach. That Guy used rosettes (swirls) because the straight piping isn't as pretty as you might be expecting. 
Do not do it this way because....

If you do it will look like this
So we took the icing off a second time and tried yet again.  
So much better
Of course sprinkles were a required next step.  Even though this was just our practice "cake" and wasn't even for the birthday celebration.
Looked good enough to eat, so indeed we did!
Then two days later we did it again for Audrey's special day. 

Once you avoid all the mistakes we made the first time, this really is only a 15 minute time commitment. At the same price as baking a boxed mix cake but with an expensive bakery look.

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