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Monday, 9 September 2013

DIY birthday gift for friend - $3

A friend of ours celebrated her 29th birthday this weekend.  At 29 years old one does not really need "gifts" on their birthdays from friends.  That being said, I do like to acknowledge the occasion with a small token.
So this is the $3 gift I made up in under ten minutes for my friend.

I went to Party Max and took  advantage of their 15 pieces of candy for $1 offer. I bought 30 lollipops, coming in at $2. Also while at Party Max I bought the small round bowl with lid because it was only $1.
All necessary supplies

Once home I used some floral foam I had on hand from making this gift a little while ago.
floral foam
After cutting the foam to fit in the bowl I covered it with tissue paper (because I really cannot think of a time when the colour of floral foam would be desirable).  Then I used a skewer to puncture holes through the tissue paper to make it easier for my lollipop sticks to go in.  But after a few I realized this was a needless step. Just push the lollipop sticks in.
no need to pre puncture your tissue paper
Then, because I am a little quirky about my overwhelming desire for colours to be organized into rainbow order, I stuck the lollipop stick into the foam in rainbow colour order.

29 lollipops in place

After putting the lid on I tied the whole thing up with a bow. I printed out a quick tag that says "29 sucks- But its also sweet"

And that was it. I don't think this was a gift she ever would have put on her "wish list" but I think it made her smile to know she was remembered on her birthday.

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