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Monday, 16 December 2013

DIY Elf doughnuts

So I was going to write about all the great, easy, inexpensive, unique and creative holiday gifts I had made for That Guy.  Guys are hard to gift for so I wanted to help you all out.  But lets be honest, gentle readers, I have precious few ideas for him let alone completed gifts.

Instead I will be writing about something I DO have, an elf on the shelf.  This is not a placement idea blog. This is our first year with Tim (our elf) so I have not yet documented enough ideas to write a post about.  Hopefully next year.
Last night I was scrolling through a friend's Facebook page looking at the photos of his elf on the shelf.  One night he caught his elf polishing off the last of a box of doughnuts.  I loved the idea. It was cute and a little mischievous just like our elf Tim.
But I did not have a mostly empty box of doughnuts in my house.  What I did have were tiny elf sized doughnuts waiting to be made.  And by that I mean Cheerios!

Here is how I made some elf sized "doughnuts" with only on hand materials for Tim to devour tonight.

First I took a ramekin (any small dis would do) and sprinkled in a little bit icing sugar.  It doesnt take much so no need to fill your whole dish with sugar.

Just a bit of icing sugar
Next I took a paper towel and dampened it with some milk (I am sure water would work too, but I used milk)
Paper towel dampened with milk

Taking a Cheerio I pressed both sides into the damp paper towel.  Not too hard or the Cheerio will crush.

Moistening the Cheerios
Drop the Cheerio into your dish and cover in the sugar.
Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

"Powdered doughnuts" done

I did this with hot coca mix as well.   And then again with some sprinkles. (For the sprinkles to stay on I had to mix a bit of the icing sugar with water and dip the Cheerios in that mixture first)

Then I melted a bit of chocolate and dipped  a few Cheerios into it.

I ended up with four varieties of Elf doughnuts for $0 in about 15 minutes.

Seriously, how cute are these?!
Adorable Elf doughnuts! 

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  1. NICE!! I - in return - am stealing this idea.