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Monday, 14 January 2013

A room fit for my princess

I used to watch a certain home decorating show.  You remember the one, where neighbours would swap houses for a weekend and redecorate a room in each others home for the "impossibly tight" budget of $1000?  They did, I admit, have a rather strict time line of just 48 hours. I always found myself thinking "I could do that"...and now I have, for MUCH less and without the help of a personal carpenter.
How could anyone not want to give her a pretty bedroom?
As I mentioned in a previous post, we have just moved into our new and wonderful home.  The first room redecorated has been Audrey's.  She is such a sweet and girly baby but I really did not want a pink bedroom for her.  I decided teal and white was going to be perfect.
The best shot I could get of her room.
Audrey's bed:
Her crib we were very fortunate to have given to us second hand by a family friend.  It was originally a light maple colour, so I painted it white. .The white paint appears in the budget as part. Of he white paint for her walls.
The crib mattress I bought second hand from for $10.  I did have to look at a few to make sure there were no rips in the mattress cover, but this one was a win.
The bedding I bought brand new from Toys R Us. Yup, I bought something brand new! The set was regularly priced at $344.99.  Can you imagine me paying that?! Not a chance.  However since it was the very last set, and a display at that I walked out with a crib sheet, dust ruffle, bumper pads and comforter for $40!
Total cost for bed and bedding $50
$50 crib and bedding :)
The rocking chair was a hand me down from Walter and a gift from my in-laws even then.  $0
The shelves beside the rocking chair were $15 (top one) and $10 (bottom shelf). At first it really bothered me that they were not exactly the same, but I'm over it now.   Total $25

The dresser I bought from one of those "put it together yourself" places.  But for $98 I thought it was manageable,, since we really did need something to put her clothes in.  Her tiaras she won all by herself participating in beauty pageants.  Yes, the pageants do charge an entry free- but thats a separate budget and the fee is the same if she wins or not, so I am counting those as $0.  Same goes for the trophies above and beside the rocking chair.


The floral canvas wall art was a gift to Audrey from my Aunt when Audrey was born.  The framed print behind the dresser was a gift to me from my mother back when I was a teenager.  I still love it and am so happy it works so well in Audrey's room.  Total cost for wall art- $0

The window treatments are the same ones that came with the house.  I think the brown drapes give a bit of drama to the room and I am in no rush to change them. $0

The bedroom is teal and white, two cans of paint at $32/can.  Add in rollers, paint trays, paint brushes and painters tape (everything but the painters tape from the dollar store) $12

That brings us to a grand total of $249.   One quarter of what those TV designers ha to work with, and I even bought items new!! For anyone wondering,between myself and a few friendly helpers we had that whole room pulled together in the same 48 hour time line. Maybe I should call the TV networks and knock their socks off ;)

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