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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

New Year, New Home

I usually post on Mondays, so this comes late- please forgive me.
On Friday we moved into our new home.  It is not far from the old house, but still an ordeal that prompted much reflection.  
Amidst the flurry of boxes and packing tape I spent some time remembering.  That Guy and I bought that home while I was on maternity leave with Walter.  It was very close to the apartment we were renting at the time in the area of the city we really loved.
That house was a true "fixer upper" but we had vision and so much enthusiasm!  We tore down walls, tiled, repainted, changed light fixtures.  The home was never perfect, but it was our little family home.  Which, in itself, was a bit of a miracle.
As a teenager I had been advised that I would likely never have children.  We had even started the adoption process before very happily discovering that we were expecting Walter.  Outgrowing a 3 bedroom home was not something we even thought was possible for us,
Time wore on though and as the day care became a viable option for us the house started to feel smaller.
Then the huge shock that three years after Walter was born we would be having a second baby.  We had never taken any steps to not get pregnant, we simply figured I couldn't. And three years of no pregancies seemed to confirm that.  Except here was Audrey.  Everyday getting bigger.

We saw that our home was the home for young couples and new parents, a place to grow and dream in.  We were now in a place where we needed to establish ourselves.  We needed a space to work, to make those dreams our own reality.

And we found just the place for us.  We took what we needed from the old house - the lessons, the growth, the maturity gained, and of course the kids growth measurments from the kitchen doorframe.
Now we are here, bright eyed with excitement and possibility.

I will slowly be redecorating almost every room in the house, and will happily share the results with you. If you can bear with me, gentle readers,  through this time of chaos I will share with you my home decorating ideas on a dime. 

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  1. Congrats on your move! It must be very exciting! I look forward to seeing pictures of the transformations :)