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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Birthday gift for toddler girl (would also make a great baby shower gift) - $2.50

DIY growth chart gift for $2.50

This coming weekend is a crazy mess of wonderful activities. Among the planned goings on is the birthday party for a sweet two year old girl.

Gifts for two year olds are tough. Nothing too simplistic (they are not "babies" anymore) but nothing too intricate or with small or loose pieces (they still put many things in their mouths as a way to explore their world).

Originally my plan was to make her a hair clip bouquet. This little girls mom always has both her daughters dressed perfectly right down to matching hair accessories, so it seemed fitting.  But it didn't feel perfect.  It didn't feel exactly right.

So what's a gal to do when something just doesn't feel right in her craft life? Why, Pinterest-therapy of course!! And that is where I found this adorable blog on how to make an inexpensive growth chart.  I was drawn to the idea that the growth chart was removable (unlike tick marks inside the kitchen door frame) and could move if the family ever moved homes. This I liked! This was good! I was excited!

The above linked blog served as my inspiration but I did do a few things differently. Here is how I made a DIY growth chart gift for $2.50 in about an hour.

First I bought 2 yards (6ft) of jute webbing from Hobby Lobby for 99 cents a yard. If you, too, decide to take on this project you might find yourself in a craft supply store without any idea where to find jute webbing (in which case you would be exactly like me).   When I asked a sales associate for help she looked at me blankly.  If your sales associate does not know what "jute webbing" is just describe it as 3 1/2 inch wide burlap- type ribbon with red lines running down either side.   As soon as I said that the dear girl knew exactly what I was looking for and showed me where to find it.

When I got home I used my Cricut to cut out my numbers. I have to use my Cricut because I lack any and all artistic ability.  If you're like me but do not have access to a Cricut or similar cutting machine I did see some stencils last time I was at Dollar Tree that would work nicely for this purpose.

Why is the lighting so bad? Because I forgot to use the flash!
 Then I used the negative image of my numbers and, using a Sharpie marker, drew inside the image right onto the jute webbing.
Much better lighting
 Just colour in the number for a nice contrast look.
All coloured in
 I did numbers 1 through 6.  Although I bought 6 ft of jute webbing I started with the one ft mark right at the bottom.  This means two things. One: The chart does not have to be hung right at floor level and Two: It left me enough room at the top to customize it for the birthday girl.  I used a measuring tape and ruler to be sure of my spacing.
All my numbers drawn in.
Yes, it gets a little disorderly in my house when I'm crafting. 
 Then I added the tick marks at every inch with a slightly longer tick at the 1/2 ft marks.  The aforementioned blogger wrote in the numbers for each inch on her chart.  I was a personal fan of the clean effect of the tick marks only.
looking good!
 Again using my Cricut I cut out the little girls first name and stenciled that onto the top portion of the growth chart.  Just for fun I cut a heart from craft felt and adhered it with some hot glue.
I think its adorable. 
 In the other growth chart blog she added small paper tags on safety pins for the parents to mark the childs growth with.  I thought seriously about following suit but then decided against it.  In the end it would simply be unsightly when packaged to include 16 or 18 paper tags on safety pins.   Instead I opted to attach a Sharpie marker so the family could mark directly on the chart.
We had bought a package of 12 Sharpie makers last year for $6, so this one represents 50 cents of that cost.
I simply rolled up the chart and tied it with a ribbon.
All packaged up. 
 Taa-daa!!! I am so pleased with myself I think I will whip up two more for my nephews!


  1. isn't hobby lobby only in the states?

    1. Yes it is. I had gone shopping in the states when I bought it.

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