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Monday, 25 November 2013

Glitter photo fails

One day when browsing Pinterest, I saw this photo.
photo source
I loved it! It was magical and whimsical and glittery!!! I knew my kids would have a riot doing something like this and it would make a beautiful Christmas photo.  

I usually go to Wal-Mart for our photo needs and just bring along our own props.  But I knew there was no way Wal-Mart would be okay with that kind of glitter mess in their studios.  So I set to finding a photographer who would.  
And find one I did.  She even had her own home studio she said we could take the photos in (read: I wouldn't have to clean up the mess).   Her cost was $85.  Although that's a TON of money to us I figured the experience alone would be worth it for the kids and the photos would be an awesome added bonus.  So I booked her.  

Being a normal person this photographer did not have the pounds of glitter that would be needed to do a photo shoot like this.  Remember, gentle readers, glitter weighs next to nothing- so when I say we needed a couple pounds that's a whole lot of glitter.    Fortunately for me Hobby Lobby caters to people whos need for glitter exceeds that of normal people and sell the stuff in one pound tubs.

I bought two tubs.  

The evening before our schedule photo shoot That Guy decided to convince me that we didn't need to spend this $85.  He said that with it being so close to Christmas there were a multitude of places this money needed to go instead.  I agreed but I still really (really!) wanted these photos done. 
So That Guy says "Why don't we just take the photos here at home ourselves? If we cant get a decent shot we can always re-book with the photographer and the only thing lost is a couple of days."   I did not want to cancel and I felt like That Guy was way over blowing my photography skills (because even though the said "Why don't WE take the photos..." I knew it would be a me project) but more than that I did not want to fight with my husband about money.  Especially when I knew he was right.  So I agreed. 

And this, my dear and gentle readers, is why in a world of  DIY there are some of us who could still use the talents and skill sets of photographers.   

 I just jumped right in and tried to get both the kids to play with the glitter I had dumped ALL OVER our floor. Audrey thought she would make a better photographer than I, and kept trying for the camera. 

So I had to direct them to play in the glitter.  I did try to explain that I wanted them to toss up the glitter then look right at me.  In retrospect it may have been unfair to expect them to listen to me in a sea of glitter...
Pretty glitter!
 Then Audrey became a little stressed about the glitter sticking to her hands.  At least Walter was starting to get the idea.

Since Walter was so excited I decided to try and get some shots of just him to show Audrey both what I wanted and how much fun it could be.
Not the photo I had been hoping for. 
 This was probably the closest I came to getting the spirit of the photos I wanted.

And THIS is how bad the photos can be when you have no idea what you're doing.....
*shakes head*
 The next one is not too bad, but I forgot to direct him to smile which is something a professional would not have forgotten to do, I am sure.

 At least he looks happy in this one....

Then I thought it was time to reintroduce Audrey to the glitter.  But she's 2 and doesn't get the idea of not flapping ones hands during photos....

She was having fun though.  And although this shot warms my heart it doesn't really give the distant relatives an idea of how much shes grown and changed over the past year.
Laughing with glee
 So I changed my approach and sat her down.  Right away she smiled so nice for me.

Once again I thought I would push just a little further and asked her to play with the glitter.
*sigh* I am no good at timing
 And play in glitter she did.  But then she was so immersed in glitter that she forgot to look back up at me.  Even though I was calling and calling her name.

 Then tragedy struck and we got glitter in the ole eyeball.  Came right out but ruined the jovial moment.
Poor little eye
 Starting to loose all hope I figured I would throw the kids back together and just pray for something decent to happen.
Walter our of focus

Walter out of focus

Audrey looking like shes plotting something

They both appear to have forgotten where I was

Just.... this....

Walter doing "weird smile" and Audrey seriously just
wanted to get going to her friends birthday.

If Audrey wasnt out of focus I think I would have
just ended up using this photo...
 Walter asked me if he could kiss his sister for the photo.  I told him to ask her.  She said yes.  Then, apparently changed her mind at the last second resulting in this...

"Aww, you're kids are so cute!" will say no one who sees this blur.
 So we tried again. But now Audrey was stressed because she wanted to be the one doing the kissing, not the one being kissed.

 We tried one last time.....

And THAT is why its probably best if you use a professional photographer should you choose to try your hand at glitter photos.....


  1. Ah were you at the Handmade Market this weekend? I'm the owner of Hey Baby, there was a lady telling me about her epic glitter photo shoot fail and how she had to use tweezers to get the glitter out of her daughter's eye! Small world :)

  2. Oh my goodness!! That was me! What a small world!