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Thursday, 29 May 2014

DIY gift for Beaver Scout Leaders/Teacher/Grandma/Bridesmaids

Walters last Beaver Scout meeting is on the weekend with an overnight camp out for the kids. I wanted to give a small token of appreciation to his Scout Leader, Sunshine for all the time and energy and love she has put into this last season for the kids.

Although I made this as a Scout Leader gift I think it would work just as well as a teacher gift, as a gift for grandma or even a lovely bridesmaid gift.  You could even choose beads that Dad would like and make something similar for Fathers Day.

We made a Morse Code bracelet.

First we thought about what we wanted the bracelet to "say".  We decided on "Thank you Sunshine".  Remember though, the message could be absolutely anything you want it to be. The date of your wedding for your bridesmaids,  or a quote or phrase that is particularly relevant to the recipient.

Next we looked up a Morse Code chart online (insert awesome home school activity here about Morse Code, how it used to be used and how it is used now).  Then translated our message into code.
Our message in code

I bought two packages of beads.  One set from the dollar store and one from a big box department store.  Total cost of beads here was $4.50 (and I have beads left to make hundreds of bracelets or necklaces). The package of beads I bought at the dollar store also came with a small amount of stretchy cord.  You will need beads that represent a dot, a dash, a letter separation (I prefer tiny seed beads for this) and word separation.

First, tie a knot in one end of your cord.  Actually, you will likely need two or three knots.

I like to start with a small seed bead,  then start adding your beads according to your coded "pattern".

Walter beading away
In no time you have a completed coded phrase.
"Thank you Sunshine"

Tie both ends together securely and snip any excess cord.


 Add a small note to the gift explaining its significance and I am certain it will be treasured.

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