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Friday, 9 May 2014

DIY Mothers Day Gift from child, quick and easy

Audrey made her Nana a nail polish washer necklace for Mothers Day (find the how to here). That Guy is coming up with his own gift for his mom.  Yet that still left Walter without a gift to present to Nana on Sunday.

The kids Nana is a tricky lady to gift for. She doesn't like a lot of money spent on her. And although she has many interesting hobbies she moves from one to the other very frequently- making it hard to guess what she is most into now.  Except photography, that seems to be a hobby that has stood the test of time.  She loves photography and is quite good at it, be it landscape, wildlife or her two favorite models Walter and Audrey.

So Walter decided he should make Nana something for her camera and I thought it was a great idea.   We decided to DIY a camera strap for her.

This project cost around $3.  The nylon webbing and ribbon were on hand items.  The combination D ring/swivel clips were $2.49 each but I get 50% off with my discount card at the fabric store.

Walter is five years old and did this project with supervision, but by himself. So that means even the most beginners of sewers can take on a project like this with confidence.

First we gathered our materials (he chose the nylon webbing and the ribbon himself from my on hand stash)
1m of nylon webbing, 1m of ribbon and two
combination D rings/swivel clips
Then Walter pinned the ribbon down the center of the webbing.
All pinned down - with no injuries!

I heat sealed the webbing and the ribbon myself.  Once sealed neither should fray.

Then he ran a straight(ish) seam down the center of the ribbon to attach ribbon to webbing.
My sweet boy sewing :)

Next we slid on our D rings and pinned the webbing in place over itself.
Then we stitched that on the sewing machine as well.  Since this was a bit more difficult than one continuous line I gave him a bit more hands on guidance for this step. But once it was done, so were we!

Stitched down and done!

 Taa-daa, DIY camera strap for Nana less than $3 (and 15 minutes!)

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