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Thursday, 31 October 2013

DIY last minute Halloween decor

Happy Halloween, gentle readers!
I enjoy this holiday for all the dress up fun and whimsy it has to offer.  Plus, lets be honest, this might be the only time of year you get to see all your neighbors in one evening.

But what about those of us who feel like the holiday tip toed up on them? Who woke up this morning and thought "Oh yeah! That Halloween thing happens today!".   To those I say, fret not! I have a very inexpensive 20 second exterior home decorating idea that will trick everyone into thinking you were on top of things!

Here is how to make spooky glowing eyes!

First gather:

toilet paper tubes (people, these tubes are NOT garbage! save at least a grocery bag full for all your impromptu crafting needs!)
Scissors or craft knife
Duct tape
Glow sticks

With your marker draw the shape and position of your eyes
Yes, they are not perfectly shaped. But I promise it wont matter
Using your craft knife cut out the eye holes.
Don't judge me on my cutting skills, please
Crack and shake your glow stick to activate it.  Then put the glow stick inside the tube.
she glows!
Seal the ends with duct tape.  Sealing the ends allows the light coming though the eye holes to be more concentrated.  It also allows people to believe the eyes belong to some spooky being hiding in your bush because the magic isn't ruined by light seeping from either side of an open tube.

Won't matter that my duct tape is blue, honest
Place in your trees, bushes or shrubs.

They see you!!

 Enjoy this fun and festive day, gentle readers!

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