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Thursday, 24 October 2013

DIY New Baby Gift- Baby Sundae

Yet another sweet baby has made her appearance in the family of some friends of ours. This baby sundae is part of a gift for her.

I make variants of these sweets themed baby gifts. Everything from sundaes to lollipops, peppermints, candy apples and salt water taffy.  I do not usually do the cupcakes simply because I see them everywhere. I am able to sell many of these gifts and as such often buy the baby items whenever I see something good quality for a decent price.  So as it worked out for this I had all materials on hand.

What you need for the baby sundae:

-plastic feeding bowl with lid- I usually buy mine 5 for $1 at the dollar store
-plastic feeding spoon - 10 for $1 at the dollar store
-two baby washcloths - with careful shopping I am usually able to find these for roughly 50 cents each
-one newborn diaper- I use newborn size for two reasons 1. That is usually the size new parents need, 2.                 They are often the only sized diapers that have a white exterior without being covered in licensed                    characters which would ruin the look of the sundae.
-one red pom pom

First I start by taping the lid right to the bottom of the bowl.
lid taped to bottom
Next I take my first baby washcloth and open it up.
Washcloth open
Then I fold it almost in half leaving about 1 inch exposed.  I fold this way because I have found this fits best into the bowls I have.  If you find your washcloths don't fit as you would like into your bowls you can likely just refold to solve the problem.
Folded almost in half
 Then I fold the bottom edge up
edge up!
 Then I folded in half again .
in half again
 Just tuck the washcloth into the bowl.   Repeat the process with your second washcloth and tuck that one inside the first one.
tuck the washcloth into the bowl
 Onto the diaper! Open your diaper up...
Opened diaper
Then fold in half lengthwise

Folded in half
 Starting at the back end of the diaper (the side that would be on the baby's back, not her tummy when she is wearing it) roll the diaper.
roll up the diaper
 If you rolled from the front side of the diaper instead of the back the top of this roll will have the brand logo on it- not desirable for our purposes.
diaper roll up
 Take your diaper roll up and place it in the bowl in the center of your two washcloths.
diaper in the center of the washcloths
 You may notice that your sundae looks a little... sad at this point.  We can fix that! Just give a little tug here and there to fluff  things up and it will look much better
ahh, much better
 Finally take a red pom pom and place it on the tip of the rolled diaper.  I do not use anything to keep the pom pom in place- I am just sure not to do cartwheels while delivering the gift and it has always been fine. Add a brightly coloured plastic spoon. Taa-daa!!
I usually like to package mine in a small cellophane bag tied with a length of ribbon.

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  1. What a very cute idea! Cupcakes are really common in many baby showers and I think it will be better if the invited person to make something new for the gift that she/he will bring to the party, just like this baby sundae. Thanks for sharing this with us! Great job!